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Hong Kong, China
It is believed that the first human dwelled in Hong Kong over 30,000 years ago. This city then was governed by China since Qing Dynasty. Because China lost in the first Opium War, so Hong Kong was colonized by British in 1841. England government signed the Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong with China government in 1984 and returned Hong Kong to China on 1 July 1997. Hong Kong now is the world’s 4th biggest banking and financial center and 8th largest trading economy. This city consists of 4 charming parts: Hong Kong Island—the center of politic, economic, shopping and entertaining sites, Kowloon Peninsula—the most beautiful shores and bays and best nightly pubs and restaurants are established and The New Territories and Outlying Island— the most tranquil and natural destinations are found. Hong Kong has several popular tourist attractions such as Hong Kong Disneyland where children will love to visit in order to enjoy the fantasy world, Victoria Bay which all kinds of watercrafts are available for every travelers and its romantic scenery is second to none and Wong Tai Sin Temple—the most renowned Taoist temple of the island where visitors can learn Chinese way of life. Start your journey at Hong Kong and experience one of the most wonderful towns on earth!

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Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is an all walks of life’s paradise city. Children will love to visit one of the largest amusement parks in Asia to enjoy their popular cartoon characters. The couples can climb up to Hong Kong’s highest building or ride a car through the world’s seventh longest suspension bridge to receive romantic and fascinating atmosphere of the city. Hong Kong also has a lot of historical places like the oldest temple of the city, Asia’s most famous Taoist temple and 100-year-monastery with the world’s most enormous Buddha image. Do not forget to discovery glamorous beach and eat special traditional food to fulfill your exquisite trip at Hong Kong.

Hong Kong, China, Wong Tai Sin Temple

It's a Taoist temple which is established in 1912 and becomes one of the most famous temples in Hong Kong. Before named Wong Tai Sin, the temple was named Wong Chuping as same as the name of the pioneer, and it's also called Sik Sik Yuen. At the present, the temple is well-known in fortune-telling which can encourage the number of worshipper in a year. Moreover, visiting here, you can also impressed with Chinese architecture in the original temple style such as grand red pillars, golden roof, blue friezes, yellow latticework and muti-colored carving.

Hong Kong, China

Not only does the million of pleasure travel trips that visit Hong Kong, but also the business travelers, students, medical traveler come to this city every year. Many tourists might find themselves struggling to choose where they should visit first between the attracting historic places and temples and the travel center with the good smell of modernization. One of Hong Kong charms is that the city’s colorfulness in night time, as dusk fell the light from the skyscrapers begin to throw the light upon the metropolitan as if a sleepless city. Other tourist attractions are, for example, the Hong Kong Disneyland and the Temple Street which is the host of shopping spots and Chinese opera performances. If you design to travel to Hong Kong in high season, please make a hotels deal to book the luxury hotels and then enjoy the delightful trip in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong, China

Welcome to the metropolis of Hong Kong, a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China, where is the central tourism, business, and economy of the region. Many travelers discover this city as the wonderful tourist destination consisting of chic style of modern building, colorful nightlife, and well mixture of eastern and western heritage. After the independent declaration from British Empire, Hong Kong developed the city rapidly with the western educational and city governmental system resulting in the overall culture and society based on both local and colonial influences. Discover the diversity of convention, tourist destinations, and endless excitement in Hong Kong only!